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Gods + Goddesses of Ancient Egypt



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Baset was the goddess of joy, music and dancing. And some say she was the goddess of cats, too.

Bastet is a goddess portrayed with a cat's head. She most often is wearing a green or turquoise like dress. When Bastet was first introduced, she sometimes had a lion's head. In Tameress, she's always had the head of a cat.

 In Ancient Egypt, it was considered that cats represented the cat goddess Baset. She was acknowledged because she had the power to make crops of wheat and barley. Almost every family had atleast one cat. They respected the cat very much and it normally ate at the same or higher level as the owners. But in some families, the cat ate first!


Wacky Facts!
When a cat died, if it was born out of the Baset temples, it would be mummified with due respect and dressed properly. Some even say the Egyptians shaved off their eyebrows to show their mourning for their lost feline pet.

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